The Story of Popov Leather

High Quality Leather Goods, Made Honestly.

It’s hard to believe that what started as a hobby has blossomed into everything you see here.

In 2013, I picked up a leatherworking kit and bought some scrap leather. Countless late nights hunched over my dining room table were all in pursuit of one goal: To create a simple leather wallet that would fit in my front pocket. I made a few dozen crude prototypes, chiseling away at my design until it was just right.

It was my wife, Jill, who convinced me that I might not be the only person struggling to find the best front-pocket wallet for my needs. I posted my design online, and to my surprise, a lot of other people wanted that same simple wallet.

It has taken weeks of patience, months of practice, and years of learning, but this hobby has grown out of my dining room and turned into a thriving business that supports me, my family, and talented people in my community.

Every day I am fortunate to be in my workshop doing what I love. I’m even more fortunate to have found such an amazing group of hard-working people. We take enormous pride in what we make, and nothing leaves our workshop unless we know you’ll love it.

On behalf of the Popov Leather team, thank you for your support.

Ryan Popoff
Co-Founder and Maker



On July 28th, 2023, Popov Leather reached a significant milestone, surpassing 100,000 orders, a feat acknowledged by Shopify with a special award. This achievement highlights our commitment to delivering quality and craftsmanship, where every order adds to our rich history of creating durable, handcrafted leather goods.

Meet The Team


Favorite Popov Leather item? 
I really love the book covers. They are all so simple, elegant and clean. The item you never knew you needed.

Favorite leather? 
Shell Cordovan.

Favorite part about working at Popov Leather? 
I love the small business atmosphere that fosters a great balance for work and life. I love coming to work everyday feeling like I’m going to see friends, have gut-wrenching belly laugh attacks and leave feeling like I helped grow the company.

What’s something we’d never guess about you? 
One of my favorite things in the whole world is laying in bed and having the sheets thrown over like a parachute. Takes me back to childhood.

If you could jump into a pool full of something, what would it be? 


Favorite Popov Leather item? 
The front pocket card holder. It was the first wallet I ever designed and I still carry it to this day.

Favorite leather? 
Natural. It’s the original Popov color for all our products.

Favorite part about working at Popov Leather? 
Working with a team of folks who are just as hard-working and passionate about leather goods as I am.

How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza? 
Disgusting. I like fresh pineapple, but can’t stand it cooked.


Favorite Popov Leather item? 
5 Card Wallet

Favorite leather? 
Natural – so oily and feels the best!

Favorite part about working at Popov Leather? 
Snacks and beer. Inspiring place and people. Everyone here seems like a doer. Smells great.

Is a hot dog a sandwich, and why? 
No, a sandwich must have more than one ingredient that’s not a condiment (unless it’s grilled cheese). A hot dog is just a different food item entirely.

If someone asked to be your apprentice and learn all that you know, what would you teach them? 
Weaving. I wove twill structures on my 12 shaft loom for 10 years and had a weaving business. Would love to teach. It’s so learnable: follow the pattern, get the result.


Favorite Popov Leather item? 
Front Pocket Cardholder. It’s what i use myself daily.

Favorite leather? 
Natural because it’s our original leather color.

Favorite part about working at Popov Leather? 
Watching the business grow and evolve over time.

Is a hot dog a sandwich, and why? 
Of course, it’s between bread. Therefore it’s a sandwich.

What’s your worst bug-related story? 
Having a lifetime of dealing with bugs because Ryan won’t 😛 


Favorite Popov Leather item? 
Belts. I love how each of our belt leathers change uniquely depending how they are used. Belts on Jeans, like the denim, gain comfort and character with every experience you take them through. Belts on dress pants age gracefully with a smooth softness. While our standard belts are a strong presence on any kind of pant, I also really like our business casual belts for a lighter feel on shorts in the summer. 

Favorite leather? 
English Tan: dynamic patterns and changes over time.

Favorite part about working at Popov Leather? 
Being part of a great team in a nice workshop.

What’s your worst bug-related story? 
Had wasps in my motorcycle helmet while on the highway.

In 40 years, what will people be nostalgic for? 
Re-issues of re-issued vinyl reissues.


Favorite Popov Leather item? 
The Tote Bag

Favorite leather? 


Favorite part about working at Popov Leather? 
Working with a team that acknowledges and appreciates efforts that motivates me to help more of our customers.

How do you feel about pineapple on pizza?
My favorite pizza flavor is Hawaiian. So, yes, I love it!

Is a hot dog a sandwich, and why?
Yep, because it’s between two slices of bread!

What’s your life’s theme song?
Rather Be by Clean Bandit. Always get me in the mood and it’s a true love song. I’ll always believe in love!

Our Core Values

Build a Legacy

We want to be famous for our customer experiences. We create life-long customer relationships by being accountable, consistent and loyal. We grow with our customers through listening and learning from their feedback.

Quality Doesn’t Need a Label

We believe our craftsmanship should speak for itself. We are down-to-earth, consistent in our craft and have a strong attention to detail. We stand behind our products and refuse to compromise on quality.

Keep our Tools Sharp

We believe in continuous innovation and evolving to meet modern customer expectations. We are adaptable and never settle because there’s always an opportunity to grow.

Work Shoulder-to-Shoulder

We support each other and our community as we grow and embrace challenges. We have a desire to learn, value creativity, and believe in celebrating hard work and accomplishments. We stick to our commitments, treat everyone with respect, and communicate openly and honestly.

Inside the workshop

A peek inside the day-to-day at Popov Leather. We’re currently operating out of a renovated animal kennel measuring just over 1,400 sqft in size.

Every product that’s ordered is made to order. That means we create every single order from scratch for our customers. From the time we receive an order, it gets cut from our full grain leather, assembled, sewn, finished, inspected and finally shipped. Each product we craft passes through many hands before it reaches a customer. There is nothing automated or fancy about what we do. The care and dedication to our work comes through in the final product.

Every email you send us, phone call you make, is answered by a member of our team. Someone who knows our products, who makes our products, and who uses our products daily. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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