Characteristics of a stylish women's Handbag

What type of leather is used for handbags?

Many types of leather are used for handbags. There are four main factors that we need to follow before buying any bag.

  1. Which animal hide is used to make a bag?
  2. Which type of grain leather is used?
  3. What type of tanning is done on leather?
  4. What fabric is used in the linings inside the bag?


There are many different types of leather that are used for Handbags. Some of them are explained below:

Cowhide leather

Cowhide leather is always the best because of its long-lasting ability, strength, smoothness, elasticity, and sophisticated look. This leather is not only for best leather women’s handbags; cowhide is also commonly used for shoes, gloves, and other accessories.
Cowhide leather bags are a bit heavier.

Lambskin leather

This leather is an attractive material due to its softness. It is the hide of a young sheep. This leather is not as durable as cowhide and lambskin, which can deform easily. It is also good for lining bags.

Patch leather

Cowhide or lambskin leather patches are used. Patch leather is the most affordable option. The pieces are made of high-quality leather.

Goat leather

This leather is very common for manufacturing. It is quite soft and lightweight. The resistance of goat leather is low. Women’s handbags made of goat leather look vintage and are less expensive. They stretch with aging but mostly stay for 2 to 4 years.

Buffalo leather

It is thicker than other leathers because the epidermal layer is used to make this leather. This is also known as bison leather. It has remarkable durability and is 40 times stronger than cowhide. They are not waterproof, but strong and durable. They look stylish but are heavy and expensive.

Camel leather

It is real and unique leather, a camel’s skin. It is strong and lightweight. It is 10 times stronger than normal cowhide. It is durable and scuff-resistant. Thus, women’s handbags made of camel leather are a long-term investment. They are limited edition and expensive.

Suede leather

It is a type of split leather. They are soft and exclusive leather and usually a high-quality product with a desirable look for women’s handbags, but the leather is thin and weak.

Full-grain leather handbags

Full-grain leather is a material that we use in our high-quality leather bags. This is the best type of bag leather made from the whole hide of animals. It is known for its strength and durability.

A pebbled style for leather handbags

Pebble leather is used in different varieties of leather products. It can be natural or faux leather (it is not a type of leather). Pebble leather is used in many stylish women’s handbags. It has a unique texture. Pebble leather might be your best choice.

Pull-up leather for handbags

This leather is a finishing technique that gives a dual-tone effect. This pull-up leather is used for lively color leather bags.

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